What are the qualities of a good lead magnet?

A Lead Magnet is anything of value that you can exchange for a prospect’s contact information – typically an email address.

You will want a Lead Magnet because it makes your job as a marketer easier.

By winning over your prospects with a free offer, you are piquing their interest in your paid offers and starting your relationship on a positive note.

Please find 5 steps below:

1. Buyer Persona

Your Lead Magnet should be very specific to the people you want it to attract and tied to your buyer persona’s. Most companies have multiple buyer personas, but each Lead Magnet should only target one of them.

2. Value Proposition

You have to provide your prospects a compelling reason to download your Lead Magnet. The amount of leads your Lead Magnet generates for you will be directly tied to the promise you make to those prospective leads. Figure out what the prospect needs and deliver that.

3. Name the Lead Magnet

Your title is a headline for your value proposition that appeals to your buyer persona.

4. Choose the type of Lead Magnet

Most Lead Magnets fall under the following categories:

  • Guide/report
  • Free trial
  • Toolkit/resource list
  • Sales material
  • Cheat sheet
  • Video training
  • Survey /Assessment/test

Keep it simple and easy to understand. Remember to to solve your buyer persona’s problem as quickly as possible. This gives your prospect a fast win and moves them down your funnel quicker. Choose a format that allows fast delivery and fast consumption.

5. Create the Lead Magnet

As you work on your Lead Magnet, remember who it’s for and the value proposition you’re promising to them. It is good to chat with a few prospects to ensure your solving their problem.

When you’re able to gain the trust of your prospect, you’re able to get them to fill in lead-generating forms in exchange for your lead magnet. It’s at this point – when you have a prospect in the funnel – that they may hesitate and click away. For most people this is a huge problem, but for MyFormData, it’s all in a day’s work.

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