CapSumo is now MyFormData – The Evolution of Web-Form Conversion Technology

We are excited to announce that Marketing Technology (MarTech) SaaS firm CapSumo has rebranded to MyFormData.  Our new name, brand, website –, and expanded product offerings are designed to meet the needs of companies looking to instantly convert web-form data into leads.


One of our satisfied customers said, “I have noticed a considerable increase in leads through my website; the investment in MyFormData has more than paid for itself in new business.

MyFormData helps your business instantly convert web-form data into leads by capturing, verifying, and enriching data from web-form visitors to boost conversions. Our features include:


  • Retrieve submitted and abandoned data from your web forms.
  • Verify emails instantly: Automatic email verification before they enter your CRM or marketing tools.
  • Enrich your web-form data. Fill in the blanks about every prospect.  Get company info and contact details.
  • Score your leads. Move the leads that matter.
  • Route your lead data to your favorite marketing and sales software. Sync, download, or API your lead data.

With MyFormData, you can shorten web forms to capture more leads without losing the data you need. Our powerful tool generates more leads from your existing traffic and helps you overcome the common problem of form abandonment. More than 70% of all web forms are abandoned, and it continues to plague digital marketers, but with MyFormData, you can turn that around!

Additionally, MyFormData provides access to a global database of billions of records for the businesses you want to connect with and gain insights, such as contact and company information, location, IP address, and much more.

MyFormData is perfect for your:


  • Contact forms
  • Appointment scheduling forms 
  • Account creation forms
  • Quote request forms 
  • Application forms and
  • Order forms

Unlock the power of your web-form data. Instantly get more leads, grow your email list, and increase sales with the #1 conversion optimization toolkit!