Hi. We’re MyFormData.

Who we are

MyFormData is a software & data company that helps businesses instantly convert web-form data into leads by capturing, verifying, and enriching data from web-form visitors.

In the Beginning - Our Story

The MyFormData story begins back in May 2017, when Joe Caston, Founder and CMO, was running a ten-person digital marketing agency. When it came to getting conversions for clients through call-to-action (CTAs) with messages, images, pop-up forms, and click buttons; they didn’t always show as many lead captures as you would expect.

When the team was reviewing customer analytics one day,  we wondered if visitors were filling out forms and abandoning them. How could we see if there was lead data in the forms? Knowing there had to be a better way, the team decided to craft a design for form data capture and remarketing. We developed a solution that became the foundation of what is now MyFormData.

We Believe

Interested visitors who have already spent time your website and have input data in your forms is your lead data, and is another lead source that should be used in your marketing workflow.

The end result? Our powerful, easy to use software helps identify leads that were once invisible by capturing your online form data in real time. Easily follow up with interested leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Home Grown in Denver, Colorado

We come from diverse backgrounds and are united by an enthusiasm for great marketing products and delightful customer experiences. While we have a small office in Denver, our entire team is free to work remotely from wherever they choose. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and video conferencing. The reward is worth the effort to have talent, skill, and diverse perspectives on the team.

Our Leadership Team

Founder and CEO

Joe Caston

Joe Caston is the Founder and CEO of MyFormData. Joe is a high-energy, entrepreneurial-minded, business leader with successful track record of growing innovative technology companies in the digital marketing and software (SaaS) industries. Joe has run run 2 venture backed software companies. Joe loves building businesses with fun, positive, team-oriented cultures, that create value for all stakeholders.

Prior to founding MyFormData, Joe was CEO and Digital Jedi of The Great Online which he founded in 2010 and sold in 2017.  The Great Online is a Digital Marketing Agency with hundreds of customers across the U.S.

He is a father of 2 and a lover of tennis, hiking, and sports.

Our Values

The MyFormData culture is our company’s most valuable asset. It sets us apart, energizes and inspires our people. We love our customers and are dedicated to helping them connect with their website visitors. In work or play, these are the values that guide us.


We are transparent, sharing information and feedback freely. We act with integrity, are honest with ourselves, and use data to provide the best insights and results. Do the right thing every time.

Customer Focus

We exemplify a customer-first mindset across everything we do, always learning from our customers, colleagues, and partners. We are one team, focused on the “we” rather than the “I.”


We love what we do. It shows in the positive mental attitude we bring to everything we do. We know how to have a good time; life is more than work.

Passionate & Hungry

We have high expectations, and expect high performance of ourselves and of our teams. We constantly look to innovate and improve. We play to win and keep raising the bar to deliver results.

Careers at MyFormData

We believe in a healthy work-life balance. Work hard, play hard. Have Fun!

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Shaping the World for Growth Marketers

If you are a Enterprise Business, SMB, Digital Marketer, Marketing Agency, Web Developer, or any business that spends time and money driving traffic to their website and uses web-forms, MyFormData is designed for you.